“Nostalgia” is a project that developed for a couple of months. Since I knew I had to go to Brazil for a visit, back in May 2022, I felt I’d have to prepare myself for what I was going to find after 3 years away. A process of (re) (des)connection that only who immigrates know and feel.

A process that, for me, would be more real if I turned it into colors and shapes.

In the beginning I thought it’d be easier but I didn’t ignore the fact that it could also be painful. Throughout this series of 4 + cover posters, I found a beautiful, translucent and light way to face the “growth pains”, the pain of changing.
Nostalgia, in my conception, is everything that makes me feel that “bittersweetness”, that flavour of revisiting a place that has shaped me but that doesn’t belong to me anymore.

It’s still me though. It never stopped being Juliana.

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Nostalgia Collection:
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